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Marietta, GA—A diverse coalition of representatives from various organizations and communities in Cobb, including New Order National Human Rights (NONHRO), the Cobb Immigrant Alliance (CIA), and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), will be participating in and supporting a Marietta march and rally on Saturday, December 5, by the local chapter of Occupy the Hood.

Marchers will meet at 12 noon at the Food Depot parking lot on S. Marietta Pkwy and march a mile to the Marietta Square for the protest rally, which will start at 1pm.

Russell Robertson, Cobb resident and head of Occupy the Hood-Atlanta, stated: “Not only do we want to remember Mike Brown and Eric Garner, and the countless others executed wrongfully around the country, but we also want to let Cobb County know that we will not stand for unnecessary use of force on our youth and others right here…this happens and has been happening all over… and has plagued Cobb since I can remember. Let’s take it to the streets to peacefully protest and show them that the people of Cobb county care about police brutality and murder. We will gather at noon at the Food Depot parking lot on S. Marietta Pkwy and march to Marietta square, where we will rally.”

Dr. Ben Williams, Cobb SCLC President, said: “We have made some progress in Cobb however we still have a long way to go as new cases involving racial inequities in enforcement, adjudication and sentencing are brought to our attention regularly.”

Gerald Rose, New Order President, stated: “We are joining together in solidarity with people of all colors and backgrounds across the nation to say ‘Enough is enough’, ‘Hands up-Don’t Shoot’, and ‘I Can’t Breathe’.

Rich Pellegrino, Cobb Immigrant Alliance Director, concludes: “These tragic incidents, which apparently have been taking place nationwide every week for years, indicate the need for major reforms of our law enforcement and judicial systems. We will be seeking those changes in Cobb.”

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