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So why was I watching a TV show called Paternity Court…  and a dude was on there with his baby’s mama….  and admitted that he was also having relations with the baby’s mama’s mama…..    The judge said it best… That’s Just Nasty!!!!!


Funk Datt


Why was a man in the U.K wearing the costume of one the Winnie the pooh characters, having relations with a bucked nekked woman in a baby changing room… when a grandmother and her 3 year old granddaughter walked in…. the couple slammed the door in their face injuring the little girl’s hand….


Funk Datt     Get your fantasy freak on… at the crib….


Why did a postal worker in California report a ticking package…. Homes were evacuated and a street was closed off… The bomb squad took 3 hours to investigate the situation thoroughly….   It turns out that the package contained Mexican Jumping Beans….


Funk Datt


Why did a man in Brazil put a lung fish in his… groove thing….  and the fish got comfortable… he had to go to the hospital to get it removed…  believe it or not the fish was still alive when it was taken out…


Funk Datt     People got issues….


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