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“Law & Order: SVU” plans to put its spin on a hot button issue as it preps an episode about domestic violence in the NFL.

Producers for the crime drama love to rip their stories from the headlines, and its audience love to be at least a little messy. November sweeps this year is going to be the perfect time to play that up! It seems that “SVU” writers have drawn some inspiration from Ray Rice’s domestic violence scandal.

NBC has just announced that Meagan Good and Chad Coleman (you may recognize him from “The Wire” or “The Walking Dead”) will be starring in an episode next month about an ex-sports star accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

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The network didn’t explicitly state that this episode is based on Ray and Janay Rice’s story— reports that it hasn’t even specified that Chad is playing a former NFL player—but even the synopsis of the show has some obvious similarities.

Let’s just start with the fact that Chad’s character will be accused of domestic violence after images of him hitting his girlfriend go public. The couple goes to great lengths to keep his charged under wraps. And catch this: The title of the episode, “Spousal Privilege,” seems to suggest that Meagan’s character eventually winds up marrying her abuser.

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For those that need a refresher, Ray and Janay got hitched after an incident where he knocked her out at a hotel in Atlantic City. The public had only heard chatter about the altercation, but largely dismissed it until video of their fight was leaked online this summer. Footage of the incident really captured people’s attention, forcing the NFL to tighten up its policy on domestic violence.

We can’t wait to see this episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” but it could present an uncomfortable situation for the network. NBC airs Sunday Night Football, which is a huge hit for the network, but that’s none of our business!


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