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Why did a North Georgia woman get charged with possession of Meth?  She was a passenger in a car and had spoon near her.  The officer thought it had Meth residue. She was arrested in July, then put in jail in August pending the lab results….  It was…. residue from some Spaghetti Os…. charges were dropped and she was released earlier this month….


Funk Datt  She told them it was spaghetti sauce from the start…..


Why did a reporter in … Florida… who was covering a missing child case… find the missing child himself.. the 10 year old boy left home and had been missing for 14 hours… to get some space from his little brother.  While the reporter was describing the story from the scene…. he spotted the boy in a neighbor’s yard…


Funk Datt     finally some good news outta Florida……


Why did Music Producer and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Mally Mall get arrested for Human trafficking?


Funk Datt   I guess that stuff is reality TV afterall….


Why did a man in New Orleans use a wheelchair to steal 500 dollars worth of liquor… He rolled in then when no one was looking he stood up grabbed what he wanted, stuffed it in a backpack on the chair and rolled out….


Funk Datt    he is on the run…. or maybe he’s on a roll….


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