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Subject: Where Did I Go Wrong?

I’m 29yrs old and I’ve been married for over 8 yrs I am truly dedicated to my marriage but for some reason he has never been!I cant answer the question why i always put him and our children first work hard what ever needs to be done i do but it’s not enough to keep him happy or faithful I’m sure you are asking why i stay and the answer is that he hasn’t always been this way i see so much great in him that he doesn’t but lately its like i have another child not a husband not even a friend our children love us together and when we are apart i see the sadness so i try time and time again to make it work my husband is a dreamer with so many skills it’s a shame here lately he was given a chance to open a shop in a small town and me being the dedicated wife put up the money just for him to close it in a matter of three weeks!! now we are staying with his mom and our problems have only gotten worse we fight so much more I SLEEP ON THE FLOOR just to avoid contact I really want to leave but this will mean another move for my children and i hate the fact that they are in the middle of this but I can no longer take the stress of raising another child i feel!I have lost so many friends and even contact with my family due to the decisions I have made on the count of my marriage trying to please him and family has never went well together for me and now I’m stuck wondering what move do i make? men ask for a good woman and im not saying I’m perfect but a great wife and mother i feel i have been but I’m at the end and just want out what do i do now? going home isn’t an option ,moving my children will mean the third school for this yr and i really hate that thought but staying and dealing with this is harder again i ask WERE DID I GO WRONG??

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