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black-man-prison-resizedThe district attorney has pulled a trick out of his sleeve to make sure an abuse victim testifies against her abuser; the district attorney put the victim in jail until the trial begins unless she can post $25,000 bail.

The Scranton Times Tribune reported Faith Bronson, 34, wasn’t officially arrested, but she will be spending the next month and a half behind bars in the Lackawanna County Prison. Bronson finds herself there because she has been unwilling to cooperate with Scranton, Pennsylvania police in the investigation of her boyfriend Ross Bonaddio.

Back in January, Bronson called the police and accused Bonaddio, who is mentally disturbed, of holding her hostage and beating her to remove the aliens he believed we inside of her body. Ross Bonaddio screwed the doors shut and Faith Bronson was held captive for three days before making her escape and calling police.

By the time Scranton Police arrived on the scene, Faith Bronson had already been taken back to her boyfriend’s home. Once the police broke down the door, they found her with multiple bruises.

After the initial arrest of Ross Bonaddio, police had been trying for two months to find Bronson and recorded phone calls between Bronson and Bonaddio revealed Bronson wasn’t willing to cooperate with the district attorney, Gene Riccardo, to prosecute her boyfriend. Faith Bronson also sent a letter to the district attorney wishing to recant her previous statements.

Riccardo said the victim has not been apart of of the legal proceedings as of yet, but she is required to be present for the trial because Bonaddio has a right to face his accuser.

As crazy as this sounds, this isn’t illegal. The law allows a judge to set bail for a material witness if there’s reason to believe the witness won’t appear. Bronson can be set free if she posts the $25,000 bail before the September 7th trial date.



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