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Brandi Harvey

We have become victims of the very machine we thought we were controlling. Mimi Faust is just another tragic example of the foresight of Nas on “Black Girl Lost.” Another poor showcase of what finer womanhood is NOT, another example of what putting a price tag on your soul can get you (Underworld Fame) and another example of how desperate we seek love and validation and sometimes that validation is believed to be achieved with Gold Medals in our bedroom acrobatics.

We are so much more. Our bodies are far more than mere pleasure tools. But if we never know who we are and are never reminded of our true value, we make critical mistakes to our legacy and the generations that follow us. We end up having a shabby circle of advisors who whisper nothingness in our ears and gas our feeble tanks with a combination of praise, pain and laughter. I have had enough from this cup.

To my little sisters, if no one ever told you, please let me be the first to tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE A GIFT TO THE WORLD, YOU ARE MORE THAN A BODY, YOU ARE A SPIRIT, and YOU ARE LOVE. You will become a far greater asset to our family, our community and our world if you educate yourself, keep your clothes on and a book in your hands. Your gifts will make room for you when they are cultivated and cared for. Your spirit will be stronger if it is not crushed by someone who dumps onto you their soul penetrating insecurities. Look to Mimi as the example of who to reach back and grab on the road to wisdom, knowledge and understanding, not as a career mentor.

We are amazingly beautiful. Our beauty can not be standardized or categorized. Our beauty lies within the very spirit of our being. Our presence on this Earth reflects the sheer power and might of the Most High God. We, The WOMBMAN are life givers and life sustainers. Our soul purpose is to birth life and nurture it. Meaning we give birth to ideas, visions, dreams, and people. We incubate the things we hold dearest with the hope that life will spring forth with vigor and tenacity. We are the very essence of divinity. There could not have been a finer creature created.

Be a light in the world. There is much work to be done.

— Brandi Harvey


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