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This story is seemingly never ending. But who would have thunk this? According to TMZ, demand is going through the roof for gymnastics-strength shower rods. Thanks to “Love & Hip Hop” star MiMi Fausts sex tape antics, Home DepotLowe’sTarget, and Walmart are all reportedly struggling to keep up their supplies as a result!

TMZ called employees at each of the major retailers (from Georgia to Cali) and all the stores have said the same thing. It seems ever since the trailer for Mimi’s sex tape came out, people have been racing to purchase their own super-strong shower rods to recreate the porno scene.

Supplies are supposedly running out! A customer at one Home Depot in Georgia told TMZ, they were totally sold out of Mimi-strength shower rods.



And how bout this, there is even an actual Twitter search for “Mimi shower rod” which shows an endless list of people trying to get their hands on one. But even worse, there’s also a Twitter account dedicated to it (@MimiShowerRod).

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than that… Vine videos both the simulation and parody variety have started to rear their ugly heads now too. 

This is so wrong! Now people who need to fix their showers can’t even get the items they need because y’all are out there trying to be sneaky freaky! We see you!



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