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We’re all for Dove’s feel-good ad campaigns, but they’re starting to take it too far with trying to play into our emotions.

In the beauty brand’s latest ad campaign, “Patches”  a researcher tells women  that they’re going to try a new patch that will make them feel more beautiful and increase their self-esteem. The women place the patches on their arms and are told to record video diaries, chronicling their increased confidence over the next two weeks.

At first, the women claim they don’t feel anything, then after a day or two they tell the researcher that they’re more social, confident and spend less time criticizing themselves. At their final meeting, the researcher reveals that there was nothing medicinal in the patch and their improved confidence came from within all along. How touching!

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Dove has always been known for their unconventional, uplifting ad campaigns–often using women’s esteem as a selling point. Remember the “Show Us Your Skin” campaign  featuring every day women of different shapes and sizes? What I took from this poignant ad is that we all have the power to increase our confidence and know our worth. I love it when women can celebrate their beauty and there’s so many of us who don’t–who feel we need something supplemental to get us to a point where we love and appreciate ourselves. When the truth is, it’s up to us to confirm our own beauty.

Now, with all that positivity out of the way, I’d like to take a moment and explore Dove’s constant display of women with low self-esteem, who all never seem to think they’re enough. Here’s the thing: many of Dove’s products are used to enhance beauty and Dove is always trying to convince women that we are good just the way we are…as long as we buy their beauty products. Does anyone else see the paradox here?

Either way–great job Dove, but that’ll be enough of these low self-esteem commercials. Some women who don’t look like models actually do love themselves and don’t need for you to force us to do it with placebos.

What’s your take on Dove’s ads?

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