2. Peter & Amina Perform

peter gun amina

We’re not sure how Tara managed to sit in her seat through Peter and Amina’s duet. Seriously, we would have thrown a chair, a microphone, Nya Lee’s feathers…something! Peter and Amina took to the stage to perform their song (who cares about the name) and it was just as bad as we imagined it to be. Peter prides himself on being a Grammy-nominate artist, delivered the WORST rap lyrics of all time. “This dude so sheisty, he left his baby’s mother and wifed he side piece,” he rapped. Not only did he not give a f**k about Tara’s feelings, he obviously didn’t care to write a decent rap. It was like Silkk The Shocker circa No Limit. To make matters worse, Peter wasn’t sure how Tara couldn’t see that he was cheating all the times he would not come home at night. As if.

Watch their performance at the 35:00:

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