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Atlanta Area Residents Continue To Deal With After Effects Of Winter Storm

Can’t find the vehicle that you were forced to abandon because of this week’s storm? Don’t panic! State officials ordered that all vehicles left on metro Atlanta roadways be moved for safety reasons. The Department of Transportation urged drivers to get their vehicles off roadways to try to return travel back to normal as soon as possible. Sgt. Kendrick Lowe of the Georgia State patrol said that many of the cars were left in the highway or too close to the highway, and they could cause accidents, so they’d rather move them to a safer location where people can recover them at a later time. However, many drivers said they couldn’t just jump in their vehicles and ride off. Some cars were left behind because they’d run out of gas. Others stalled out when their batteries died. And others were damaged after being involved in accidents.

The state ordered that all cars left after Thursday night be towed away from roadways. So, chances are if you look for your vehicles where you abandoned them Tuesday, it’s gone. Check with area towing companies. Be sure to have your drivers license and car tag numbers when you call. Below are several companies that authorized for abandoned car removal.


City/Jurisdiction – Towing Company – Phone #

Sandy Springs – A-Tow – 404-577-6566

Johns Creek – United Wrecker – 770-667-5070

Milton – United Towing – 770-751-0581

Alpharetta – United Towing – 770-751-0581

Roswell – Roswell Police Dept. – 770-640-4100

or American Towing 770-993-7217

Atlanta – Atlanta Police Property and Vehicle – 404-546-4330

Atlanta PD Zone 1

(NW Atlanta) – S & W Towing – 404-622-8360

Atlanta PD Zone 2

(NE Atlanta/ Buckhead) – Futo’s Wrecker – 404-874-5926

Atlanta PD Zone 3

(SE Atlanta) – South Metro – 770-603-7532

Atlanta PD Zone 4

(SW Atlanta) – B & L Service – 404-624-4208

Atlanta PD Zone 5

(Downtown/Midtown) – A-Tow Inc. – 404-577-6566

Atlanta PD Zone 6

(East Atlanta/Fulton & Dekalb) –

Buckhead Towing – 404-223-5982

Atlanta Airport – Airport Moody’s Wrecker – 404-766-2633

Unincorporated Fulton – S & W Towing – 404-622-8360

Georgia State Patrol – S & W Towing – 404-622-8360

East Point – Professional Towing – 404-559-9805

Palmetto – Caroline’s Towing – 770-463-0045

Fairburn – A-Plus Towing – 770-964-3695

College Park – Moody’s Towing – 404-766-2633