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Did you catch Bravo’s latest reality jaunt, “Blood, Sweat & Heels” last night? The backdrop is New York City, concrete jungle, Big Apple, or land where dreams come true and it features a mix of well known ladies, those on the rise and some who may need introductions, but each are on their grind in the city that never sleeps.

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This first episode proved to be one of drama immediately which isn’t a shocker as we know how casts full of women can tend to be, but thankfully, it didn’t go there with wig snatching and drink throwing. The show follows six professional women: Demetria Lucas, the writer behind the blog and book “A Belle In Brooklyn;” Melyssa Ford, former video vixen-turned aspiring real estate agent; Daisy Lewellyn, style expert, author and TV personality; Geneva S. Thomas, style and pop culture journalist; and Mica Hughes, a former model and current business owner; and Brie Bythewood, a real estate agent. Each have strong personalities and opinions — so you know this show won’t lack in hand over mouth moments. The first of many came after the cast attended one of Daisy’s Brooklyn Series brunches where a touchy topic was brought up by the host.

Blood, Sweat, Heels Cast

During brunch, a number of discussions arose surrounding dating, women in power, and most notably the question of whether or not men are inherently cheaters. Resident relationship writer, Demetria Lucas combated the women’s harsh ideals that all men cheat and women must be on the lookout constantly. Some admitted to going through phones, hacking into emails, and blaming it all on their fear that the man in their lives must be stepping out on them. Each of the ladies agreed that their actions could be justified by their experiences in past relationships and that the truth was snooping just must be done. Demetria counteracted her friends, a term I say loosely, by saying if you can’t trust the man you’re with then why be with him at all? To which I have to say, preach preacha!


Here’s the deal, let me lay it out I’ve been cheated on. A number of times actually but never in that time have I gone through anyone’s personal private property because that is an invasion of privacy that I would not want done to me. Not because I am hiding a file folder of sexts or nude pics but primarily because my phone is an extension of me and I don’t like to be touched without permission so neither does my phone. I agree with the Belle of Brooklyn when she says that snooping is not something that should become an automatic when you enter into a relationship. Seriously, if you’re going to sleep with one eye open until your boo goes to sleep just so you can check his messages, baby girl you need a new man. Do men cheat? Sure. And so do women. The common denominator with cheaters isn’t the appendage betwixt their legs but the lack of respect they have for other people. If you walk into every relationship with your Harriet the Spy kit ready to catch someone doing you wrong then you most likely shouldn’t be dating.

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Are you a champion snooper with the skills of Sherlock or do you believe that what is done in the dark will eventually come to the light? Hit me up on Twitter @Hautemommie let’s talk it out, I assure you that if every man you’ve dated has cheated it is not because every man is a cheater just all the one’s you keep choosing.

What did you think of the first episode of “Blood, Sweat & Heels?”

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