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The Holiday season is upon us and, unfortunately, so are the God-awful fashions that come with it. For all the happiness and joy that Christmas is known for, it’s also known for fashion gifts to gag by.  Since nobody who cares about you would let you walk into the office looking like you shopped in Drake’s closet, we at T.U.D. decided to give you some fashion do’s for the holidays, so you don’t look like a colorblind catastrophe.

1) Gucci

The designer, not the rapper. Hey, the colors are already red and green. Can’t get much better than that. Just make sure you a) avoid Barneys or  b) pay cash or you’ll end up a victim of shop and frisk.

2) Santa Hat

Sure, it’s a little goofy, but it’s a good time and it’s a Christmas classic. It’s going to match with most of what you’re going to wear. Just don’t let it get dirty…. that’s a bad move. You’ll end up looking like this guy:

3) Scarf

A tasteful suit or cool outfit can stand on its own with a cool festive scarf. The problem is when you try and do the scarf and shirt to match your pants. Keep the original gear simple and a nice playful scarf is a workable item. Or you’ll come off like pops from “Boomerang” trying too hard to coordinate.

4) Tie/Pocket Square

This basically falls under the same umbrella as the scarf. Your tie and pocket square can give you a festive look without taking you to Cliff Huxtable levels of tacky.

5) Sock it to ‘em

If you have the shoe game to pull it off, have some fun with bright, festive socks that make themselves known when you sit down at the piano and get your Nat King Cole on. Everybody knows.

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