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Last week, Black Twitter went into overdrive as they watched “Love and Hip Hop” and Tara admitted to still sleeping with her ex Peter Gunz despite knowing he was married to his side chick/artist Amina. During Tara’s confession, she said, “In the last two months, I’ve probably had to use two Plan Bs.” Black Twitter went in on Tara and now she’s coming out to defend herself.

In an interview with Coco Fab, Tara defended using the Plan B pills:

“First of all, women have fought for the right to choose their own methods of birth control and women take birth control every day. Just because I want to be on the safe side and use Plan B doesn’t make me a bad person. That’s why it’s there, actually. Even in having protected sex things happen. I can’t allow a mishap to happen while having protected sex with Peter. I still have to protect myself.”

While Tara is right, there is something wrong with her statement. Nobody was angry at her for using the Plan B pills. People were mad at Tara for talking about using the Plan B pills like she was proud to have had to use them. Women have every right to use whatever form of birth control they so chose. However, if you plan on broadcasting your business all over reality television like that, you have to be prepared for the judgements that are sure to follow.

By the way, Tara says she is no longer sleeping with Peter Gunz.



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