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This weekend, while you were sipping fine wine with the girls or perhaps nestled beside a man watching movies, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed their dance-pop jam “Do What You Want” on “Saturday Night Live.” Their risque choreography turned heads and left fans wondering what the h*ll had they just watched. From simulating sex to being thrown over ones shoulder, we have a few questions that need answering about the steamy spectacle.

Before you entertain our wandering minds, check out the performance for yourself (above).

1. Where Did She Get This Sparkly Jumpsuit? (We’re Here For It)

Lady Gaga’s sparkly white jumpsuit made our eyes tingle with joyful goodness. Her plunging neckline revealed just enough cleave to not makes us uncomfortable and we’re happy she went the baggy route and didn’t pull a K. Michelle catsuit no,no.

2. What Was The Point Of This?

This totally could have been cute, but failed miserably when Gaga awkwardly dangled over Kell’s shoulder like a rag doll. Gaga’s choreography was certainly off. At times she appeared clumsily beside Kelly.

3. Does R. Kelly Think Lady Gaga Has A Big Boo-ty, Boo-oo-tay?

Gaga may have been off-beat at times, but when it came to hitting those crotch exposing moves, she excelled. She isn’t a twig like Miley Cyrus but she isn’t like a buxom Beyonce. We wonder if Kell’s copped a few feels on her boo-oo-tay.

4. Why Did R. Kelly Have A Sparkly Handheld Mic? Was It Versace Like His Jacket?

Doesn’t R. Kelly live for a good shiny moment? Lol. Remember at the BET Awards when he came out dressed in all spikes?

5. Why Was There Choreography That Involved Gaga Singing To Kelly’s Penis?

Things got really awkward when Gaga began singing to Kelly’s man member. No literally, she dropped to her knees and used his crotch for a microphone.

6. Who The H*ll Is This?

Randomly, this woman who R. Kelly seemed more interested in than lady Gaga appeared on stage beside R. Kelly. What was her purpose in this act? We’ll never know.

7. Why And Why?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore raunchy, R. Kelly crawls over Gaga and proceeds to do pushups on top of her. Kells did look mighty fine in his push up stance, so we may let this slide.

8. Gaga Thought This Was A Good Idea?

We expect this type of behavior from R. Kelly, he’s been humping women since “12 Play” but Lady Gaga stick to the headless performances, we can do without seeing your “Love Faces.”

What did you guys think of their performance? Was is as creepy for you as it was for us?

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