With your children being teenagers, how so they feel about the whole situation?

I set up a very good foundation for them because they were babies when we split up. We did try to keep things as much of a family as we could, but the distance took it’s toll.

I never would speak bad about him because I didn’t have to. He’s their father and they know their father. When the show came out, they didn’t watch it at first, but I guess it’s become a kind of comedy. But the shenanigans going on with the show, they understand that it’s tv. They don’t look at it as real life and I purposely did that. I would sit down with them and we would watch it together. My son didn’t watch the first couple of episodes, but my daughter did and she didn’t like it. Afterwards, I had to explain certain things to her. However, I let them know that you can’t believe everything you read or see on tv. That’s our philosophy.

If a family court judge awards you all of the money you’re asking for…

Let me stop you. First of all, this is what people are misunderstanding it is arrears. It is what is owed. This is twelve or thirteen years of payments that have been missed. It’s not about being awarded a million dollars. That’s not the case here. My children need their monthly financial support. Period. That’s it. At what point are you going to begin to pay it? You’re now on a show. You have a hit show on your hands. Okay. At what point do you say, “Let me pay x amount per month.”? Even if it’s not the exact amount for what’s due, just send something.

So if you told him that if he couldn’t send the full monthly child support payment and were willing to accept a portion of it, why do you think he wasn’t or still isn’t willing to work with you?

I never said he wasn’t willing to work with me. The bottom line is that when you say you’re going to work with somebody, you make a payment. That’s how I know you’re willing or not willing to work something out. When you don’t make a payment, it’s like, “Okay, we had a conversation. Let’s move on.” At what point do you make a payment? Three months after we has a conversation? No. Or you make a payment and then we don’t hear from you for another three to four payments. No. What you’re hearing about is consistently negligent.

This isn’t just about me. This about other custodial parents that have the same issue and I think it’s unfair for anybody–I don’t care if they owe $5,000–to be allowed to get away with it. It is court ordered. So obviously there are flaws in the system. It’s billions of dollars owed in child support. How did they let it get to this amount. That’s the question everybody should be asking.

That is a very good question. How did he allow it to get to that amount?

I’m talking about the system. How can a person owe this amount in arrears? It’s out of my control. What could I do within the court system? This is as far as I can go. There’s nothing I can do because it’s already in the court system. The only thing they can do us garnish his wages and not allow him to have a passport to leave the country.

So in the end, who are you mad at–the court system or Stevie J?

A little of both.


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