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Strawberry Letter: My Nude Pictures Sent to My Children

Good Morning to the morning show I want to start off by saying I’m a mother of 3 my oldest is 18 my middle child is 15 and my baby is 4 the middle child is a girl and the other two are boys so here goes… My 4-year-old has a iPad that I let him play with all the time but yesterday I had the iPad with me and I went to my male friend house one thing lead to another and he ended up snapping some pictures of me with the iPad nothing too x rated only booty pictures but anyway I sent the pictures from the iPad to my cell phone then I deleted the pictures from the iPad so later while I was gone my oldest text me and said my 4-year-old is walking around the house saying he see naked pictures of me on the ipad so I was instantly shocked and didn’t know what to say because I know by now he has shown his siblings so I tell him to turn the iPad off and he in reply say why? The 4-year-old has already seen them and its messes up that a four-year old has to see his mom like that. So I didn’t know what to say so I Text my daughter and I asked was she mad and she says yes all of them are and that was nasty! So I apologized to them and said I was sorry they had to see that and I’m human and make mistakes but now I know they gonna look at me funny what should I do? Or what else should I say? I know I’m grown but it’s still embarrassing.


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