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Now in its fourth season, TV One’s hit series Love That Girl returns to your living rooms on October 11th, 2013 with an all new episode that will air at 9:30 PM ET.

This season welcomes bigger laughs, more outrageous costumes, and of course–our favorite rambunctious lovable character, Imunique Jefferson.

If you’ve never watched this show or just can’t seem to get past Imunique’s ghetto-fabulous ways, here are three reasons why you should absolutely love that girl!

  1. Her one liners offer a new tune of laughter that warms my soul with joy! “Turn up, red light, woot woot!” Or my favorite phrase that I plan to embed into my daily list of useless terminology some how some way, “chin-checking 101.” Every thing about Imunique screams I’m fabulous and on stage now. Her confidence and fearless nature are not to be played with. And for that, we love that girl.
  2. She never holds her tongue. Quick to slice you with her words or offer advice that you never requested, Imunique is all about keeping it real. Even if keeping it real goes wrong, she’s only here to be honest. Surely you have to love that girl for that.
  3. She’s from Baltimore, duh. In real life, Imunique is played by actress and Baltimore native, Bresha Webb. Here’s the thing. Before I Googled Bresha, I had a strong feeling she was from Baltimore or at least spent several years. Her Bmore accent is thick, loud and more importantly reminds me a lot of myself. She’s a little surly, lives for a great laugh, and will cut you if need be. I mean, what’s not to love about that girl. She sounds like a blast!

I’m dying to watch this show so that I can see what Imunique is going to get into this season. I know you are too, RIGHT!

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