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Angie was still attempting to get the ladies on board for the tour and invited everyone for a peace talk. Clutch your pears, ladies, because in typical reality television show fashion  whenever a group of bickering ladies meet for a “peace talk”, either water glasses are thrown, wigs are snatched or someone is left being escorted out of the room! With that being said, all of the girls met over dinner except for Keke who really didn’t need to attend anyway since she made it very clear earlier in the episode that she didn’t want to tour with the ladies saying, “that’s just a big old hamper of dirty stank. I don’t want to jump in that basket.”

The tension was high in the room especially between Nicci and Syleena until finally Nicci broke the silence and confronted Syleena about her sister’s shady business from last week’s episode. Nicci continued to provoke Syleena, but Syleena continued to keep her cool and refused to fight until she eventually walked out of the restaurant without breaking a sweat or a nail.

I think it might be time to give up the tour talk, what do you think?

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