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Wow! Saved on a leg to be remembered forever! A Cleveland, OH man recently got a huge tattoo of local Hero Charles Ramsey on his leg.  As we previously reported, Charles Ramsey is the gentlemen in Cleveland that saved the 3 women and one child from captivity a few weeks ago.

According to AOL, Rodney Rose, an artist at Cleveland shop 252 Tattoo, posted a Facebook message offering a free Charles Ramsey portrait tattoo and Stephen Munhollon said sure why not. 

Munhollon has already gotten attention for the new tattoo as Charles Ramsey is the new Hometown Hero of Cleveland and people are definitely checking for him!

Says Munhollon;

You could ask the question, did I want to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg and the obvious answer was no. The real question is, was I willing to get Charles Ramsey tattooed on my leg and the answer is yes.

Check out the CNN Anderson Cooper story about it  in the video below!

We don’t necessarily get why you would do it if you didn’t want it on your leg, but it’s your leg , so good luck to you with it!  And it is quite a tribute to man who is by all accounts quite  a guy!


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