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CLOSE is reporting that Love And Hip Hop’s Winter Ramos’s tell all book is coming out in April of 2013! Allegedly, Winter is dishing on everything about her past trysts and time spent with artists in the industry. In other words she is kissing and telling in a huge way!

But it’s not just that, she’s worked for a whole lot of people in the industry and it’s possible that no one from her past is safe. She might just serve up the personal details of everyone that she has ever encountered in this book!

However, it’s the latest leak about her “Love Triangle” that has the internets buzzing today! She supposedly writes about Jadakiss and Game, and tells about how she wanted to use Game to payback Jadakiss for being with other women.

According to, the following is an exclusive excerpt from the book regarding both Jadakiss and Game:

“Jason wasn’t there and hadn’t been there. I got mad. What kind of business could he be handling that would keep him gone all night? Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion and figured he was with another b*tch, although he’d never played me like that before. Out of spite, I returned to Game’s room.”

Hmm very interesting.  So maybe the question is, is it ever cool to tell the world personal intimate details about others? What do you think?  Take the poll and get in on the conversation!


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