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One thing you can say about Terrence Howard, he never gives a boring interview.  The Oscar nominated actor sat down with writer JasFly for a post screening Q&A of his new film “Dead Man Down.”  Howard wasted no time and bluntly asked the group of bloggers and journalists  in attendance: “What did you think of the movie? And don’t bullsh*t me!”

Jaws dropped as Howard proceeded to drop some literal science ( he has an honorary degree in chemical engineering) on his side hustle, “growing diamonds” with the SCIO company, which converts coal to the shiny gems through harmonic fusion.

Below are some highlights from Howard’s eccentric Q&A:

On Black Gossip Sites and His Beef with Jamie Foxx:

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“We’re taking out a lot of our revenge in the media.  I remember years ago I made a comment about my brother’s (Jamie Foxx) album and I was completely in the wrong.  I deserved to have my ass whupped that day with the remarks he said about me cuz I had no business speaking that way about my brother.  We do it every day when we blog against someone, tearing them down because they made a mistake.  Back in the day Jim Brown didn’t say “Look at Richard Pryor, he’s a crack head” – instead he went over to his house and said “What do you wanna do man?”   When the urban community comes together instead of tearing each other down, then we will have a brand new society.  Until then we’re like little dogs biting at each other’s ankles.”

On his recent comments about Oprah’s bosom:

” She actually sent her jet to pick me up last week (laughs).   Man, if I wasn’t married and Oprah didn’t have her man, who knows what could happen?”

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On why he’s gravitated towards more revenge type movie roles:

“Well you have to remember, when I started taking on these roles, my main goal was to feed my family.”

On “The Best Man” sequel

“Out of all things, that’s my most anticipated film.  What Malcolm Lee created, which Tyler Perry did a nice little run off…but he didn’t quite touch it.  But I love what Perry has done because he tells these little anecdotes in his films which uplift the Black community.  But Malcolm Lee showed us what young, intelligent Black people were capable of in “The Best Man.”  In “The Best Man” sequel it shows where people go, and how much we need each other in our community. It’s going to be an amazing film and I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.  There’s some tragedy in it.”

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“Dead Man Down” opens in theaters today nationwide.


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