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You know how you sometimes have to remind your friends to relax because it’s only a social networking site and not real life? This is one of those times when someone should have said that to these young ladies. Two women were severely injured after a feud on the photo-sharing site Instagram turned into a hot grease attack in an Atlanta suburb Smyrna, ]

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, four women Ashley Hardy, Jasmine Ragland, Shatericka Barrino and Stori Brown went over to an apartment complex known as the Cumberland Glen Apartments to exchange words with three other women about messages that were posted on Instagram.  The three women Zawadi Clark, Myzelle Armstrong, and Mykhal Tait were not playing games. They met the four women in the parking lot armed with a baseball bat and a pot of hot grease.

Alarmed by their foes, Hardy, Ragland, Barrino, and Brown retreated back to their vehicle. However, before they could drive off, the trio forced one of the car doors open with the baseball bat. Once the door was opened, Clark threw some of the hot grease on Hardy and Ragland, who were in the front seats. The hot grease caused second and third degree burns to the arms and legs of Hardy and Ragland.

Police said the women burned will likely have to live with permanent scarring while the other two young ladies in the backseat walked away without harm.

The three aggressors were each charged with four counts of felony battery. Armstrong and Clark are free on bond, but the third member Tait is still sitting in a Cobb County Jail cell.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. It’s only the internet. People talk smack all of the time and rarely do anything. However, there are people who are about that thug life and will do some damage to your person if you come at them in the wrong manner.



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