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Strawberry Letter: I Love A Crackhead

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been married 19 years and we have a teenage child. Before I got married, I used to see a girl who got around. I knew that, but the goodies were good, so I played with her on the side until I got married. I ran into her two months ago and she told me all she’s been into the past 19 years … jail for drugs, 3 kids and 5 or 6 abusive relationships. Well, she was waiting for a bus so I gave her a ride home. She stays between her sister’s and some guy she gets high with. A week after I dropped her off, the guy put her out because she had sex with two of his friends. She told me that her man told her to do it for him because he owed the two guys some money. Now 3 months later, he’s put her out in the middle of the night and she roamed around until she could get her sister to take her in.

I’ve been taking her to look for jobs, but with a felony, nobody gives her a chance. I don’t want her for sex, but I do have very strong feelings for her, even love. I want to see her have a second chance to make something of her life. She’s 46 now and her sisters are raising her kids because she has nothing but the clothes on her back. I told her to get away from the guy because she’s just a sex slave to him. She says she lets him keep her high so she can deal with life as she made it. I don’t know about the rest of the people out there, but when I see her life, I have to do something.

My question is… how do you turn something like this around? I know she has to change, but I’m a small contractor and the past four years I’ve seen 40 businesses in my area close and we’re supposed to be one of the stronger job markets.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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