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Strawberry Letter: Help Our Mom See The Light

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Our mom is a 44-year-old beautiful woman who recently left her boyfriend of 3 years. About 3 weeks ago she was doing laundry and found a flash drive in her boyfriends pocket. On it were multiple recent videos of her boyfriend having sex with some random girl. At that moment she decided to move out. My sister, my boyfriend and I helped her move out of his apartment while he was at work. She left the flash drive with a note on his table and left quietly. He has contacted her multiple times, sometimes apologizing and sometimes blaming her. Yesterday, our mom sent my sister and I an email stating that her ex went to church with her and gave his life to God. She said that he is very remorseful and repents for all the wrong he did to her and she is considering working things out. WHAT the hell is she thinking? My sister and I responded and do not approve. We do not believe he truly loves her like he claims but that he loves everything she did for him. Our mom decided that our thoughts were valid and told her ex that she needed to close the chapter between them. My sister and I got a text from her ex apologizing and asking for our blessing to continue to talk to our mom. Again, what the heck?! We come from a broken home. Our father was/is a Meth addict/cheater and it broke our family apart. Our mom has not had much luck with dating in the past. My sister and I believe she is just settling because she thinks this is as good as it gets. We love her and only want the best for her and frankly he is not it. Please, help our mom see the light. Concerned daughters

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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