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Strawberry Letter: Am I Protective Or Just Evil?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I consider myself to be a loving mother I know my kids adore me. A little over a year or two ago my husband’s daughter came to live with us which I loved. During that time I treated her as I did my own kids. I told her I love her every night when I tucked her in, she was 11. She decides she missed her mom and wanted to return which was cool. The problem came when I went through her room I found that she had wrote a lot of mean letters about my son wishing he was dead or a stranger so she could kill him. My son was 7 at the time.

I love both my kids but my son is my first born and there is a bond that I have with him that I can’t get away from I love my little girl just as much but there is something about the first born that is unexplainable. Since discovering her true feelings my feelings for her are no longer the same I feel a great deal of hatred towards her I don’t want to hear about her and I don’t speak to her. And I plan on making myself and my kids disappear for a week or 2 if and when she comes to visit.

My husband does not seem to understand but at the same time he is not watching the children’s interaction like I am. For instance, he doesn’t seem to see that when she comes around she speaks to my daughter but acts as if my son is not there. I don’t force my kids to stay away from her but I do tell them they don’t have to speak to people they don’t want to. I find it frustrating that she goes out of her way to ignore my son.

Am I being over protective or am I just EVIL!

Listen to Shirley and Steve comment on this letter below:


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