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“T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle” aired another episode last night with this one focusing on Domani, his school performance and his first video shoot. When Tip learns that Domani isn’t doing well in school, he tells Domani that his motto should  be “God, Family, School and Hustle,” in that order. He understand that Domani wants to shoot a video for his first single, but Tip has a plan to get Domani more focused on school. Tip plans to take his son to a video shoot and get him all hyped up about shooting his own video, and then rip the dream right from under him by telling him that if he doesn’t get his act together in school then there will be NO VIDEOS for Domani.

Well said.

Domani works hard to get his act together in school and then two weeks later he returns home to show Tip that he’s made the honor roll. See what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Domani gives Tip his idea for the video shoot, which involved President Barack Obama, Ben Franklin, doing the dougie and $100 bills everywhere. Sounds like fun!

When they finally get to the video shoot, Domani realizes that his big video dreams have been halted to a mere $2,000 budget with Tip’s assistant, Snake, as the video’s director and his brothers and the OMG Girlz as his video talents.

When the camera’s start rolling, Domani doesn’t know what to do, what camera to look at and how to conduct himself. Tip hangs his head saying, “He’s half-assing again. His name shoulda been Half-Ass Harris.”

Eventually Domani finally gets his life together, and does an amazing job at his video shoot! Looks like another star is born in the Harris household!

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