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Sick of living with his estranged wife at his Dallas, Texas, residence, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders filed papers last week to have Pilar thrown out of their home, according to TMZ.

From Deion’s perspective, his home is his “separate property,” property that he owns independently from Pilar. And with Pilar having signed a pre-nuptial agreement, Deion believes she should not continue to reside at the estate.

Pilar has reportedly been trying to get the pre-nup she originally signed thrown out, because, she claims, she was forced to sign it under duress. Still, Deion maintains that Pilar was fully aware of what she was signing and “should be ordered to vacate the residence” immediately.

Deion also wants Pilar brought to task on violating their county’s rules of conduct. TMZ reports:

[As a resident of Collin County, when divorcing, one cannot]:

— Disturb the peace of the children

— Make disparaging remarks about the other or their family

— Talk about the divorce in front of the kids

Deion and Pilar’s divorce has been contentious from the beginning. First, Pilar allegedly found that Deion was divorcing her through reading TMZ last September. In the documents, Deion complained that Pilar was entirely too diva-like. Then Deion’s daughter, Deiondra, took shots at Pilar herself, calling her step-mother an adulterer and a gold-digger.

Time will tell if Pilar will need a U-Haul.

Read the rest at TMZ.


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