Just one week after losing custody of her two sons to NFL legend Deion Sanders, Pilar Sanders has also lost custody of the couple’s daughter, Shalomi, 9. According to the NY Post: NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has won custody of his three kids in a nasty battle with his estranged wife, Pilar. Last […]

According to TMZ , former football star Deion Sanders just won his child custody battle with estranged wife Pilar Sanders, giving him full physical and legal custody of his 13 and 11-year-old sons, and shared physical and legal custody with their 9-year old daughter. Both sides were arguing for sole custody of all 3 children. […]

Pilar Sanders is ending 2012 by penning an open letter to the public in which she goes into great detail about allegedly being abused by soon to be ex-husband Deion Sanders. The couple is embroiled in one of the nastiest, most public divorces in recent memory. Pilar calls out Deion about his alleged affair with […]

In the latest divorce drama between Pilar and Deion Sanders, the former model is vowing to continue fighting for her children after losing custody of two of them — and claims she’s a “victim of Deion’s celebrity status.” According to Hip Hollywood, the couple’s sons had been living with Deion since late October and at […]

Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her Dallas home after her utilities were cut off for non-payment. Pilar — who is involved in a nasty divorce battle with former NFL player Deion Sanders — is having a hard time making ends meet, according to her publicist Kali Bowyer. According to Rumor Fix, […]

Deion Sanders and Tracy Edmonds have confirmed to “The Insider” that they are currently working on a reality show together. Deion and Tracey, who runs her own production company, says the show will focus on Deion’s life and will explore the drama with soon to be ex-wife Pilar Sanders. The show should be interesting. In […]

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NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders called into Majic 107.5 / 97.5 today and spoke to Carol Blackmon, one day after a judge ordered the former Falcon to pay $10,550 a month in child support and $3,500 a month for the Texas mansion where his estranged wife Pilar lives. The judge also ordered Prime Time […]

Deion Sanders has been ordered to pay $10,550 a month in child support and $3,500 a month for the Texas mansion where his estranged wife Pilar lives. According to TMZ, the judge also ordered the NFL Hall of Famer to pay $275,000 for Pilar’s legal fees incurred since April 30. Deion was spared from paying […]

A Texas judge has granted Deion Sanders temporary custody of his children and ordered estranged wife Pilar Sanders to stay at least 500 yards away from the former NFL star’s suburban Dallas home in a ruling stemming from a scuffle between the pair last month. According to ESPN: The judge gave the Hall of Famer […]

The divorce proceedings between Pilar and Deion Sanders are finally underway, and according to RWS, Pilar’s attorney wasted no time in describing Deion as a cheater. In his opening statement, Pilar’s attorney said of Deion: “He got caught with an 18-year-old girl… a 44-year-old man with three children, with an 18-year-old girl.” Deion Sanders Caught […]

Last night, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was charged with trying to destroy evidence proving he assaulted his estranged wife Pilar. Sources told CBS 11 News that police in Prosper, Texas filed criminal charges against Deion Sanders on Wednesday night, for allegedly trying to destroy evidence related to a domestic disturbance at his home. […]

The divorce between Pilar and Deion Sanders seems to grow uglier and uglier by the day. Pilar was arrested for allegedly jumping Deion this week and he was charged with misdemeanor simple assault. TMZ caught up with Deion on the streets of New York City, where Deion is covering the NFL draft for the NFL […]