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Strawberry Letter: Heated in Georgia

Dear Mr. Harvey and the Morning Show,

I am a black woman who goes to school full time and holds down a full time job, and asks for nothing. I have known this guy for four years and we dated for almost two years. I recently found out that he has been looking for my replacement because I was not doing all of the freaky things that he wanted, in the bedroom (like threesome, foursome and me with another women). I do not get down like that.

He informed me that he would not be coming to see me one night after work because he was going to her because she borrowed her friends dog (yes she was going to have fun with the dog for him) something I would not do I have morals, values, and self-respect. When he told me this I could have put my hands on him at that very moment, it made me feel as if my feelings nor I mattered to him and that he had been playing games with me for the entire time we were together.

I would have no problems going to jail for aggravated assault. Don’t get me wrong I Love him and I’m in Love with him but I can no longer go through these changes he is playing with my life. Plus he said we can still be friends. Is he kidding? The thing that hurts the most is not only did I lose my Lover but my friend.

How do I start the healing process? How do I learn to Love and trust a man again?

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