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Strawberry Letter: Restaurant

Hi Steve,

First thanks for reading our letter: Just wanting your opinion about a situation that me and my family encountered at a well known restaurant in Humble , Texas… I and my family went there one Saturday afternoon around 9:00p.m.  after watching a high school football game.

We were seated the waitress came over and asked what we wanted to drink and gave us a menu and stated that she would give us a chance to review the menu and she would come back…..after we look it over for a few she came back…the boys placed there order my lady placed her order so I told her that I wanted the shrimp platter with one piece of fish…she point blank told me that I couldn’t afford it…..I was like excuse me she said you can’t afford it….her suggestion to me was why don’t I order the fish plate and me and one of the other boys who had ordered a shrimp platter just SHARE.

It made me angry cause I felt that she was discriminating against us…while sitting there pondering what she  said my lady asked the waitress how much is a extra piece of fish and she stated not sure let me check…she came back and said that it would have been an extra $4.79 I really was upset then….Needless to say I didn’t order anything the family ate but I didn’t!

While we were sitting there the manager came out and asked was every thing ok…I told him the story and he apologized for what had happened. He took our ticket and asks me to fill out a complaint.

My question, do you think I need to pursue this to the higher level?


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