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Strawberry Letter: I Want Another Woman Man

Dear Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey,

I am a 40+ year old angry with a woman for dating a close friend and since she has entered the picture, it is difficult to joke with him, to hug him, and for any of the other women to get close to him because of her. Before this woman entered the picture, some of us had a chance with him, but she has made it difficult. To make matters worse, this woman joined a group we are a part of, and me, along with a number of other women caused enough hell for her to leave.

It was bad enough not being able to flirt openly with him, but to deal with his woman in our group was the last straw. The bottom line is that I wanted him for myself, and thought I had a chance, until this heifer shows up thinking she is better than anyone else. She thought because her nails and toes were always perfect and because she had a rear, no stomach, and kind of smart , she was better than us. What makes a woman think because she is dating a man she owns him?

He even told me since she came along, to please stop flirting with him. I considered that a punk ass move. I even overheard his woman telling him that if she was to flirt with any other woman man the way we attempt to flirt with him, problems would occur and those insecure woman would have a fit. Who in the hell does she think she is!!? I need some answers on how to deal with them whenever I see them again. I really want him to drop her ass and be with me. I thought by us making things hard for her and her leaving, he would be more visible in the group, but he is not around.

How can I fix this, without having to deal with her being in my presence? I am confident to go after what I want and to create problems for anyone getting in my way, with that being said, I did cause problems, maybe spread a few lies about the woman to make other people not like her, but it was all for the good of moving a hurdle out of my way. I just hope he never finds out about my involvement because he may never speak to me again.

Please tell me if I should just let him know how I truly feel, with the hopes of him leaving her for me. I cannot give my name for obvious reasons!


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