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Strawberry Letter: He Had A Vasectomy, I’m Pregnant

Good morning to you guys,

I listen to you all everyday, and I thought that I had found the perfect guy. When we started seeing each other we both made it clear we didn’t want any other children, as we both are parents already. He had an ugly divorce with his ex, which he in turn says is the reason behind having his vasectomy. He has 2 beautiful kids and I have one.

Now my problem is I went to the the doctor just out of the blue no reason regular check up. My doctor then comes and tells me I’m pregnant. No I am not is my response, you need to do it again, which they did, and it came back positive yet again. Ok so I didn’t tell him until the next day and of course he lost it [saying] I don’t want it, I told you this, when are you taking care of it is basically his response.

Now this guy has not been totally honest with me throughout our relationship so I don’t believe his vasectomy story because there is just no possible way there is anyone else. I feel as if he is just trying to force me to terminate. He says that he will not even entertain having a child. At this point I really just want to make the best decision for me. I can honestly say that he is really showing me his true colors through this hard time, but instead he says that things can go back to normal once we take care of this.

Problem is how can I help him raise his kids when he wants me to terminate my baby. I thought this man loved me, that’s what he said, but one thing I am sure of things will never be the same for me.

Please, do I need to just terminate and end this or do I keep it and lose him? Either way it’s not a good issue for me.

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