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Strawberry Letter: He Bought Me A House, And A Car, Then Beat Me Up

Good Morning Shirley and Steve,

I am a 32 yr old female, and I have been having issues getting over my ex. We were together for almost 5 yrs and we had a very strong union, but it then went left. We broke up in a bad way. We had a physical fist fight and the detectives and police were involved, and til this day we are still going to court for this domestic abuse case a whole year later.

He moved out of the house that we bought together last year, and left me with all the bills & mortgage, and ever since he left I have been feeling incomplete. He would come over at least once a week & we would have relations, until he told me about 4 months ago that he was dating someone. Now he does not call or come past (we have things together that need to be dealt with, and should stay in contact until they are complete).

In September of this year he texted me saying how we had good times together, how he’s still in love with me and how he wanted to come over & kiss me. So of course I let him come over & we once again had relations. I know I need to stop dealing with him completely but I am such a sucker for him and really believe that he is my soul mate. Now he’s the type that will cheat on his girl if he is not happy in his relationship, and I know cause he tried to pull that move on me. I have never taken this long to get over someone in my dating life.

How do I move on & try to start dating again? Does he still really love me or am I just dreaming? I really want to find true love.

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