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Strawberry Letter: 19 Years Old With 14 Kids

Good Morning Shirley & Steve,

I am the 19 year old male who has 14 kids and my mom wrote you guys a few weeks back and I would like to explain how this all took place. Growing up I did not have a father and mom always told me and still tells me about how men aren’t nothing so growing up around that I always felt like I wasn’t nothing but crap to women so I treated them like they weren’t nothing.

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But here is the thing. My mom is to blame for 90 % of this. All the things that are important she left out. Such as how she buys my condoms and puts holes in them. That’s how 10 of the kids were made. My mom goes in my room, finds my condoms and puts holes in them on purpose.

Morning crew I love my kids and I know I’m only 19 but I think I am doing good. I don’t get too see 5 of my kids and that’s because they live out of state but I do try and call and check on them and for the record all girls know about the other girls and their kids . I work at a plant and I make 1,000 dollars or so a week. I am not on child support simply because I do try and help the best way I can. I do manage to talk and stop by the girls homes to visit when I’m off.

I mean of course I can’t go to 14 girls houses but I think effort is everything. I did graduate and I am currently taking online classes for college. Morning crew showing favoritism is the first thing on my mind. I need some advice on how to not be absent from my kids life as they get older and how not to stray to the streets to get money to make sure they are okay.

Please help. I really don’t want to stray to the streets but looks like that’s my next option.

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