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Subject: I Hate My Daughters Boyfriend

Hello morning crew,

I am a 41 year old single mother of 4.I have two daughters one 21 the other 21 year old has been dating this guy for about 5 years.. and i have always hated him! He has brought her nothing but drama and pain since high school..he constantly cheats on her and lies to her..myself and her dad have talked to her over and over again about him expressing to her that she deserves better and so on.we as parents have tried on several occasions to attempt to accept him just hoping that she would see the light and eventually leave him alone..but this has yet to her 16 year old sister has told her over and over again that the boyfriend is no good because he was coming on to her.of course the older sister never believed it…fast forward to a year or so later and i discover that not only was my younger daughter was telling the truth but she had been sexually intimate with him on several occasions with him as well IN MY HOME!! I was and still am PISSED to the highest of PISSTIVITY(i know i made that word up) I dont know who im more angry with my daughter or him for hurting my older daughter that way…the disrespect and total disregard for my daughter feelings and to do it in my house!!! What makes it she forgave him took him back and has moved in with him!!! She says that her sister has always been jealous of her and shes not going to be miserable by leaving him because that would be giving her sister exactly what she wants.WTF? Help me understand this way of thinking. As for my younger daughter I have been so disgusted by her actions I rarely have anything to say to her. Not to mention how many times I have had to stop my 22 year old son from kicking the boyfriends ass!! I am so devastated and feel as if my family is falling apart..HELP!!