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Strawberry Letter:  Social Networking=Trouble

Dear Ms. Shirley and Mr. Steve Harvey,

I have been dating a man for some time now and we are now engaged and expecting a baby girl in December this year. I feel like we compliment each other and although we are very different, we are still attracted and in love with each other. Since I’ve been pregnant I have been feeling like he doesn’t pay me as much attention as he used to.

My small sexy physique is changing and my energy level has definitely decreased. I think he is dealing with another lady who is still in tack. I recently seen a note he wrote a lady on a social network, saying that he wanted her to cook for him and give him a lap dance. When I brought it up he said it was a joke and now the chick works with me. She looks at me nastily every time she sees me and never says hi. I figure that she knows who I am and he may have told her not to say anything.

I want to ask her so bad if she knows him but I’m not sure what I should do. Should I just trust his word that he doesn’t know her or should I follow my gut and ask her myself?

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