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After watching the extended trailer for Basketball Wives LA, we have two questions…Who the f*ck is Draya Michelle and why the f*ck is she on Vh1’s Basketball Wives? Well we Googled her and found out that she is an ex-stripper (who would have guessed?) model and more importantly has been linked to Chris Brown! After finding out that tid-bit of information we still questioned why she would be included on a reality show about basketball non wives, girlfriends and or lovers. Good thing our confusion resonated with the other ladies because they were just as iffy about her as us.

We have concluded that Draya is the Royce Reed of Basketball Wives LA; the little sex kitten there to stir the pot and ruffle the feathers of the other (less attractive)ladies. Hey, they need someone to criticize and target for drink throws.

Check out the trailer:

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