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Strawberry Letter: Fed Up

Hi Steve, Shirley, Carla and Tommy,

I’m a 38 year old woman my husband is 39. My husband and I have been together for nine years and just celebrated our first year of marriage.

As his girlfriend I put up with him cheating on me with his baby momma and as his wife I’m enduring the same thing. He has a childhood friend whom he had dealings with in the past. The friendship part doesn’t really bother me but the explicit texts do. I have read texts when he’s telling her that he loves her and that he’s ready to leave what he has at home for her.

I love my husband but I can’t take it anymore and when I blew up on him he claimed that he was just kidding just texting.

Steve I didn’t trust him and maybe should have never married him but I did and I can’t change that. Am I being a bit too paranoid living in the past or is it time for me to move on?

Sincerely FED UP!

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