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All of this talk about dry, brittle hair is depressing, but living with the “snap, crackle & pop” sound your hair makes as it breaks off just isn’t an option. But there’s light at the end of tunnel, because there are two more outstanding products that have made their way onto the pages of because they both get you the results you need: one locks in the necessary moisture your hair needs because of it’s porosity, while the other delivers moisture as a 3-in-1 daily use product.

From you ladies who sport natural curly manes to those of you who prefer wearing a relaxer, DēvaCare One Condition ($18.95, kills two birds with one stone. The Deva line of products is known for the maintenance of curly locks, but despite that, this conditioner works on all types of hair – curly, relaxed and everything in between! Seriously parched hair needn’t stay that way because all you need to do is apply a dollop of product on your hair after you shampoo, do a deep condition (with plastic cap and heat) for at least 20 min, or if you have spare time, do an overnight treatment (plastic cap and scarf). In either instance, your hair will feel incredibly soft and manageable after you’ve rinsed and styled it. If you wear color, One Condition contains orange peel extract to slow down color fade.

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