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Strawberry Letter 23: I Love Her, But I Messed Up

Dear Steve,

I’m writing you today because I don’t know what else to do. My ex and I recently broke up because of some foolishness I did. I lied to her, tried to manipulate her and I know for a fact that everything I did hurt her dearly. The problem is I’m totally in love with her, and I know ultimately I want to make her my wife but I feel like Ive messed up my chances by being intrusive(went through her personal things), lying and manipulating her. I never cheated on her though, because that’s not me at all. I don’t step out of my relationships. To give a quick background on us, we had a rocky relationship before when she was lying to me and manipulating me, and I don’t know if my doing it this time around is me not subconsciously over what had happen before, but at this point I don’t care. I just would like to know whats best to do in this situation. I’m trying to give her space, because I think that might be the best thing. I just don’t want to lose her. Help me Please. Thanks

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