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Strawberry Letter 23: I Need To Get A Divorce And A New Start

Hello everyone,

Recently I found my self in a Mamas boy relationship. I am a thirty year old mom of two beautiful boys.I need a divorce and it seems this is going to take forever. My husband has done nothing in our marriage but run , run, lie and cheat. I thought he love his kids n me but come to find out that was a lie. For the last six year he has walk out of this marriage four times once while i was expecting my youngest son. I thought he love me so i took him back come to find out he was cheating. Now look Steve This man had it good I cook, clean, work, working on a masters degree and took care of the bills while my husband completed his education. Last year we split up again a for the forth time but before this could happen i need to take our family car back. Instead of making a clean break my husband slap the wind out of me. Now I knew enough was enough. My boys saw this take place I cant do this any more and right now times is hard being on my own cause u know Steve his behind was taken downtown. I tell u god works in crazy ways. I need help affording a lawyer n i really want my boys to have a relationship with their dad but not including me how do i make this work when his family hates me right now. The children are asking for their dad which i tell them but its hard explaining to a three n four year old this your daddy is crazy lol.His family are not calling due to the order of protection but i really want this divorce so i can move on help!!

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