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Strawberry Letter 23: Crazy Situation

Hello Steve,

In a battle with my soul,  I recently had a baby. The guy I had for knows but sort of don’t believe and my ex thinks its his not cause I told him that but because he is obsessed with me and can’t ever imagine me being with anyone else.

This is truly the case because if he put dates in order like the other guy did he will see that I was already a whole month before I even was with him, and by time I knew I was already 3 months. Never the less  my drama is that my so called former friend said I can let ex think its his that he not ready for kid funny meaning that my child is his twin and funny that my ex still does not even question.

He has no clue anyway about my other friend cause I kept in undercover I just dont know if i go ahead and let my son real fathers family know this ain’t Maury but I know for a fact HE IS THE FATHER he is obviously not going to tell them he hasn’t and my son will soon be a yea.

I listened to one of your shows once where a woman was angry because her mother never told her dont want my son to feel that way to me not me I was just giving his real father the chance let them know I know his family and they are very family orientated and I know they would want to know.

Should I tell them if he don’t want be in his life? No problem but who says his family don’t as for the EX I never said he was. But I havent denied but its for the fact that He is quick tampered but what I have going for me is that he’s nowhere near me.

My best friend said let them know wanted or not child is here and he has to deal with it.

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