In part four of’s behind the scenes look at R. Kelly’s “When A Woman Loves” he shares why the microphone was featured so prominently in the video. “I wanted to show the closeness I have to the microphone because it is the witness to my voice…this business has been about me and what I […]

In this third part of The Urban Daily’s exclusive series with R. Kelly, the  Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer shares the challenges he faced in creating “When A Woman Loves.” “It’s a challenge to go back in that era…where they had powerful voices and every note was crying out. That’s what the radio […]

In this exclusive to R. Kelly takes us behind the scenes of filming for his video, “When A Woman Loves” from his up-coming album, Love Letters. “It talks about your girl, your fiancee, your daughter and it just keeps on going, ” says the Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer. ” It’s one […]