My #WCW is a 2012 Barnard Griffin Fume Blanc Dry Sauvignon Blanc. This tangy, all-stainless, lightly grassy, dry Sauvignon Blac is a pure and definitive elaboration of the grape’s varietal character. Mmm-Good

My #WCW is a 2011 Chateau Vincens Prestige. It’s a rich, Port-like wine that’s full and concentrated while also soft and fruity.

My #WCW is a 2012 vintage El Dorado Zinfandel Rombauer. It’s a deep, dark color and crimson hue reflect this wine’s rich, complex character. Aromas of ripe blackberry, cranberry and faint orange peel are followed by intense, concentrated flavors of dark berries, cedar spice and black pepper. Sweet, jammy fruit, a touch of vanilla and fine-grained […]

My WCW is a 2010 Quinta de Porrais Parcelas (Douro). This wine is powerful, structured and density. It’s hard inital tannins shows that in needs to be aged before opening it. This wine has a firm texture of black fruits.

My #WCW is a 2012 Garnet Pinot Noir, it’s a cherry cola flavor and luscious red fruits with a hint of smoke and plum-skin bitterness.

My WCW is a Chateau Ste. Michelle 2013 Dry Riesling. This wine moves into a concentrated palate with a spectrum of tart fruits such as lime, grapefruit, pineapple and more.  

My #WCW is my all time favorite The Chocolate Block…mmmmm good!

My #WCW is a 2011 Herdad do Esporao Quinta dos Murcas Assobio. Assobio is a powerful, structured expression of Douro wine, with it’s dark and richly fruity taste it still needs some time to mature before drinking.

My #WCW is a 2012 Bogle Essential Red, it’s a dry red blend of sophisticated, structured and balanced high-end Cabernets.

My #WCW is a 2012 Hogue Gewuztraminer. It’s a soft floral scent of rose petals and body powder wine with a bright flavor of Meyer lemon and pink grape fruit.

My #WCW is a 2008 Malbec Durigutti…one of my favs.

My #WCW is a 2012 Vintage Rombauer Zinfandel