wardrobe malfunction

  Oh Mimi, please don’t ever change! Just as people were sitting the kiddies down to enjoy their morning bowl of cereal, the whole family…

Kim Kardashian has an explanation for the recent photo that surfaced of she and new boyfriend, Kanye West, exiting a car with Yay’s pants undone. Speaking with E! News, Kim K claimed that the incident is innocent: “He was getting out of the car and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car […]

R&B superstar Usher didn’t let a little thing like ripped pants stop a show. During a performance at the William J. Clinton Decade of Difference Concert one of the most active men in music split his pants down the left leg. Without missing a beat he simply looked down, kept dancing and said “I work […]

Earlier this week Ice-T’s wife Coco made headlines when she had a wardrobe malfunction at a Richie Rich fashion show. Anyone who follows Coco on twitter (@cocosworld) knows she is hardly shy when it comes to her chesticles,  but wanted to explain that this was NOT done purposely. “I walked the runway for the Richie […]

Best-selling author Teri Woods is part of a $1 billion class-action lawsuit filed against a New York City nightclub alleging racism. Woods and several others claim that a club in Manhattan's SoHo district barred black partygoers from entering the nightspot, which was hosting a book party for Woods. <!--more-->