Kris Jenkins put this game away with a thrilling game winning three-pointer.

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An independent report has found that for 18 years nearly 3,100 students and athletes benefited from bogus classes and artificially high grades at the University…

President Obama was a guest on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday night, but he surprised the audience by joining Fallon and house band The Roots during the show’s popular “Slow Jam the News” segment. “I’m President Barack Obama and I too want to slow jam the news,” the POTUS announced to a rousing […]

President Barack Obama is riding with the North Carolina Tar Heels to take it all in the 2012 NCAA tournament! “I’m just a sucker for the Tar Heels, what can I tell you,” said Obama to Andy Katz during his traditional selection special on ESPN, “Barack-etology.“ President Obama feels UNC is “an older team, a […]