Here are some of the best Twitter responses to a first look at the white-washed portrayal of MJ.

Why is there a video of a woman from Germany who has had breast implants complete with a valve under her arm that will allow her to pump up her bustline with a syringe full of saline…  without additional surgery….   she also spent a total of 50 thousand euros on her basketballs and other body parts. For more […]

Why did a student on a football team in Arizona get suspended…..   After scoring a touchdown the young man put his hand to his mask and pointed to the sky for a few seconds….  to praise GOD…..   A Referee threw a flag, penalized him with unsportsmanlike conduct for excessive celebration….  the refs said […]

Why is a man from the UK…  named Pricasso…  he paints with his man part….  he paint’s portraits and more…. and he ‘s pretty good.  He really has some outstanding talent…. Funk Dat   Better not dip that brush in paint thinner….. Listen To Funk Dat:     For Details On Today’s Funk Dat Stories […]

A spunky and vibrant 10-year-old from the UK has inspired many with her math skills and her journey as a college freshman. Esther Okade from…

Rihanna’s “S&M” song was renamed by the UK’s BBC Radio 1 this weekend, without her consent! Just last week, they deemed the tune too hot for daytime, prohibiting airplay before 7 p.m. The new song title was unveiled Sunday on the UK’s Top 40 Singles chart as “Come On.” When a fan on Twitter asked […]

Rihanna’s controversial song “S&M” continues to shake things up. In the UK, the song has been re-titled “Come On” on the latest Top 40 Singles Chart published by BBC Radio One, presumably because of the original title’s sexual connotation.

Chris Rock appeared on the BBC's Graham Norton show in the U.K. and poked fun at Beyonce's lace front and Michelle Obama's use of weaves since becoming First Lady.

While doing press for “Why Did I Get Married 2?” in the UK, Janet Jackson hit “The Graham Norton Show” with Tyler Perry. In this clip of Janet Jackson speaking about her new book she tells us she has been threw a lot. She also told us that she is an emotional eater. Click here for the interview!

Whitney Houston’s first concert in Britain in more than a decade has received mixed reviews with some fans describing it as “horrendous,” The BBC reports.

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z teamed up to perform at the 2010 BRIT Awards. Check out the photos, plus sightings from Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke!