Why has someone invented the Jerk Shirt… The shirt has a prosthetic arm that comes in a variety of skin tones so people can’t tell that you are masturbating For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Gun That Killed Trayvon Supposedly Got Bids Up To $65 Million Man Uses Stand […]

According to The Huffington Post good old Stacey is at it again and this time she has gone after OPRAH! She had the nerve to use a MALCOLM…

The now-infamous trial of George Zimmerman is almost over. Zimmerman is the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain responsible for fatally shooting unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. This case has been given a spotlight and our country has become enthralled with whether or not justice will be reached. If convicted of his second-degree murder charge, Zimmerman could […]