Why did customers get a hook up at a fast food Burger Restaurant in New Hampshire?  When customers came in to order “French Fries, Extra Crispy” That was a code for weed!  They would put the weed in a coffee cup separate from the order! For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each […]

Why is there a woman getting roasted on Social Media after she put up a Go Fund Me page?  Why did she ask people to contribute to a 40 thousand dollar need to help her husband pay his child support debt so he could get a passport and travel to Dubai for work….  Huh For […]

Well on the other side…  Why did a new museum open last week in Great Brittan at the Wright Zoo….  The National Poo Museum allows visitors to study and view the excrement of more than 20 different animals…  there is even some fossilized poo that dates back 140 million years! For more information on the […]

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VIA: TMZ Rodney King told TMZ … he sincerely hopes Trayvon Martin‘s family will eventually get justice … but says Trayvon’s case makes him realize how lucky he was to have his beating captured on tape. Just days before the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. riots, King was in NYC promoting his new book in […]